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Our Copywriting, Editing, and Electronic Publishing Services

Our copywriting, editing, and electronic publishing services are designed to make your print and web material read taut and sharp, concise and impressive. We can help you look great in print or on the web and help save you money. Our expertise lies in the way we use words to make your message or idea understandable on the first read by your audience. Our freelance services can help you:

  • Communicate effectively to your readers so your message is clear, concise, and understood.
  • Use correct language so that any person at any reading level will know exactly what you are trying to convey.
  • Control costs by giving you the services you need only when required. No need to hire a full-time person that has to be paid salary and benefits. As freelancers, we are available to you when you need us, not when you don't.
  • Meet deadlines so that your material is in the hands of your audience when you want it to be.

We work on:

-our specialty, User Manuals. We can write original user manuals for a host of electronic equipment. And not just for manufacturers of these products. If you have purchased a set of equipment to be used by your staff, you may find that the original user manuals are either too long, too complicated, or not clear. We can create a concise, easy-to-read manual from the original material that your people will appreciate. Also, we have been told by many people that user manuals translated into English from other languages are extremely hard to comprehend. The use of grammar, spelling, and syntax creates a very frustrating time understanding the operation of the equipment. Some people have even stopped buying from certain manufacturers or importers because of this problem. We can take that broken English and transform it into a well understood document. 

-technical publications such as reports, user manuals, books, and articles. Although we specialize in the radiocommunications (two-way, cellular/PCS, scanners) and customer service fields, we can help you with almost any technical field you may be in or require.

-magazine and newspaper articles and columns. From opinion pieces and how-to's to general news, we can supplement your current in-house writing and editing staff.

-all types of business and corporate communications including press releases. Whether internal or external, your material must be able to convey your message in a professional manner.

-websites. Designers can create some of the most beautiful websites you will ever see. However, they may not be able to create the most readable ones. Just as in print, you need your words to shine for you on your website.

-newsletters. Special interest groups, companies, or anyone else that needs a newsletter can rely on our services to create a newsletter that reads well, looks good, and is inexpensive to produce.

-brochures, flyers, advertising copy. We can create very nice material for you that will appeal to your audience and make them aware of your products or services.

-novels, fiction. We can critique and report on your novels or short fiction so you can see what is working and what needs improvement.

-all types of non-fiction books. Whether you need it written, edited, or critiqued, we can give you the product or service you are looking for.

-book reviews. Give us a book, we'll read it, and write a report slanted to your particular need.

-manuscripts, letters, memos. Want to look good for the boss? Need something typed up in a hurry? Require a quick rewrite or examination? We can provide fast, reliable word-processing for your every need.

-all manner of filler. Quotes. "Did-you-knows?". Little sidebars of trivia or information related to an article that we can come up with for your publication.

We work for:

  • Businesses, corporations, agencies
  • Public Service
  • Book, magazine, and newspaper publishers
  • Retail stores
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Community organizations
  • Government departments and agencies
  • General public

Our services include re-writing and original writing; critiquing; analyzing and evaluating all print material; proof-reading for spelling and typographical errors; copyediting for consistency, punctuation and grammar; content, structure, and style editing; ghost-writing and co-authoring; publishing of booklets, newsletters, reports, etc. Below are links to the various services we provide. Please click on these for information for each one.

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