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Copywriting Services

There is much confusion today as to what technical writing is really all about. Therefore, it is necessary to give you a short explanation on the difference between “technical writing” and “technical copywriting”. 

Most companies consider technical writing to be the entire process of creating a printed or electronic document. The “technical writer” is required to create the text, formatting, layout, diagrams, pictures, binding, and other aspects of the document. However, this is not what true technical writing is. A technical writer required to write JAVA or HTML language is actually a computer programmer. A technical writer who draws diagrams or creates graphics is really a graphic designer. Companies that require these types of service should not be seeking or advertising for technical writers, but rather for programmers, graphic designers, marketing people, etc. 

A true technical writer is really a technical copywriter. Though many do create some diagrams and other graphic images, a technical copywriter works with the actual words of the document. Either creating the “copy”, or re-writing from someone else who created it, a technical copywriter uses their writing skills to create text that conveys to the clients’ readers, the exact information and tone the client requires. They may examine diagrams and graphic provided by the client to create text either separately or for that diagram or graphic. They may make suggestions on how some layouts should be arranged. But most of all, technical copywriters are writers, period.  

And this is what we do. We are technical and non-technical copywriters. We write or re-write the actual words that your audience reads. We work on the text, the "copy", We create copy for you. We re-write copy. We arrange copy. We enable your copy to hit your reader with maximum impact the first time. Whether it is a book, a piece of advertising, a website, or a newsletter, Skyfoot Technical has the ability to make your copy targeted, understandable, and effective. Contact us today for more information.



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