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A Bit About Myself


Over the years I have written many works of fiction and non-fiction, some published, some not, and continue to pursue the art of writing as a business and a joy. I have also had the opportunity to write for others on a freelance basis. For those of you who have read my stories and diatribes, or have benefited from my skills and expertise, I thank you for visiting and hope I can continue to entertain and enlighten, educate and service. If you are a new visitor and have never heard of me before, then why not get to know me better? Oh yes, my first fantasy novel, DRAGONSTOEN, is at a publisher right now. Cross your fingers and hope for publication.

You may have been directed here by an article by or about me, or may have clicked on a link from a search engine or website. No matter how you got here, it's quite clear that what you read got you interested. Were you looking for a writer, author, ghostwriter, or editor for a project you are interested in bringing to fruition? Did you find a short-story or article I had written that made you wonder who this Phil guy is, or just happen to go, "Oh, darn, I clicked the wrong link!"? 

(Phillip J. Boucher with Dr. Robert Ing, Author, Media Personality, and Forensic Intelligence Specialist)

Well, hey, thanks for visiting anyway. I am a writer of both works for myself, and works created or edited for others. I write short stories, novels, and screenplays in a variety of genres. I write non-fiction articles on a variety of topics as well, though most fall into the technical radiocommunications categories. So you may know me as the columnist of Fresh On The Air from The Canadian Amateur magazine. You may have read the Toronto Scanner Directory, or my article How to Select and Brew Great Tea. Heck you may have even come across something quite archaic on the Internet that I wrote eons ago. If you would like to see what things I am currently working on for myself for publication, click here to go to my current projects page.

You may have seen something that I had written for someone else. As a freelance writer, author, ghostwriter, and editor, I help others from all walks of life bring forth their ideas into a product that they need or want to get completed. For instance, an executive at a company may want to write a book or article about the company, or the products or services it provides to clients. He may have a finished manuscript or just jottings of notes. I would take these and write new material, re-write the material, or simply edit for grammar and syntax, so they have a product that they can supply finished on time, or shop to buyers such as book publishers and magazines.

A manufacturer of electronic equipment may need a user manual created for their end users. I take the notes, drawings, photos, specifications, and the technical gobbledygook (neat word, eh?) and write a user manual that reads easily for the majority of purchasers of the product.

Celebrities and major notables such as actors, singers, entertainers, business execs, and politicians are regularly approached by publishing houses to write books or articles about themselves, their life and exploits, scandals, ups and downs, or insider tell-alls. Most of these people don't have the time or skill to write presentable timely material to fulfill these contractual obligations. As a ghostwriter, I may anonymously write the work for the person from supplied material and several interviews. The celebrity or notable is indicated as being the sole author of the work. Co-writing credits such as, "by John Celebrity with Phillip Boucher" indicating the celebrity is the major author and I just helped a bit, and "By John Celebrity and Phillip Boucher" showing that both the celebrity and I are equal authors, are also possible. As you can guess, the more my name is not mentioned, the more cut of the royalties the celebrity gets and the less they have to share with me. Oh well, that's what a ghostwriter is. Just a ghost. Boo. And I also provide celebrity and notable clients with contractually enforceable confidentiality and a strict "no star-struck policy". Hey, I may love your acting, singing, potato chips, or product, but I'm not your best friend. This is a business relationship. And I'm not going to stalk you. Ever. Sorry.

Writers and authors sometimes need some third-party help in writing, re-writing, editing, or just proofreading their own works. I can help other writers and authors with any fiction or non-fiction material they have. All they have to do is ask. And pay me. 

With over ten years experience in the gaming industry as a Slot Technician at two major North American casinos, I am one of a few true experts in the public ??? on electronic gaming machines. Over my gaming career I have researched gambling addiction and treatment, and have to talked to, listened to, or be yelled at by thousands of players......



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Ontario, Canada 

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Phillip J. Boucher is a self-identifying Métis and is a member of the Algonquin Woodlands Métis Aboriginal Tribe, P.O. Box 496, Minden, ON, K0M 2K0.

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I am also the author of "Slot Machines: Fun Machines or Tax Machines? A Technician Reveals the Truth About One-Armed Bandits", ISBN 1-55270-049-6, published by Productive Publications in Toronto, Canada, under the name Ian B. Williams. I am a former electronic gaming machine technician for two major North American casinos, and an expert in, and provide consultation on, Electronic Gaming Machine addiction/problem gambling. However, due to the fact that I am again employed in the gaming industry, those services are suspended at the present time. You can visit my All Experts page at


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