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During my recent internet cruising for research on material for a possible new book, I came across several sites that now purport to have available, various cheating devices that will give you credits, cash out the machine, and let you hit jackpots. Most of these devices seem to be small packs of something (I'm thinking just some batteries and wires) with a button or two, and maybe some lights. The premise of these devices is to simply press the button and lo and behold the machine is now "rigged" to give you all the money you could ever want. 

Now, none of these devices, even if they were transmitters, can do anything to the machine. In fact, some slot manufacturers have RF (radio frequency) detection circuits on the CPU (central processing unit) that throw the machine into a tilt if it detects any radio transmission over a certain threshold. The machine is a lone unit and everything is controlled by the CPU, which includes the random number generator and reel stepper controller. These are programmed onto chips or cards and these cheating devices can't do anything to change the process.

Why waste your money ($400 or more) on these things, let alone go to jail when you get caught? Cheating devices are simply another myth and misconception in the EGM playing community. Remember if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

This goes for those methods and systems that are being offered for sale all over the internet as well. Think about it. If you had a method to win at slots, would you really tell anyone? Or would you keep it to yourself and in a few short months, become a trillionaire and retire someplace warm? And if you wanted to share your joy, would you charge people money to find out about your system, or would you just give it away? Exactly. These people don't make a dime on their systems or methods. They make it selling these systems and methods that don't work. 


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